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Crafting my empire

Create your empire through crafting your own buildings, vehicles, warriors and weapons; to attack your enemies. Extract the natural resources such as: gold, silver, titanium, wood, grass, etc. Mix your collected materials through the Laboratory in order to create new resources such as glass or doors.

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Twin Lights

In this puzzle game, you need to think on a strategy to move one of the two existing lights on the board, to the goal of the same color. It is not as easy as it seems! because if you move a light, its sibling light moves itself oppositely, in other words, if you move one light to right, the second light is moved to the left and viceversa.

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Shy away. The unlimited climbing game

Shy Away is the endless arcade game where you need to walk and jump through platforms in order to climb as much as possible. In Shy Away, you need to be careful with the animals and traps which you find. In Shy Away, you need to collect coins so that you can buy new animals and persons to customise your own scene.